ECTS 518
Field Work Portfolio for Designated Subjects
(2016/2017 Edition)
Last updated March 2017

Contact Information

Instructor:  Donna Shea, M.A.

Office Hours:  Telephone and Skype By appointment

Office Telephone:  (909) 537-7510 (message)

E-mail: or

Year/Quarter:  Spring 2017

Time/days/location:  This is a distance learning course with no on-campus meetings.  Contact the instructor for course information and materials.   

The College of Education of California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) is dedicated to the development and support of wise, reflective professional educators who will work toward a just and diverse society that embraces democratic principles. The wise teacher:  

·       Possesses rich subject matter knowledge.

·       Uses sound pedagogical judgment.     

·       Has practical knowledge of context and culture.

·       Acknowledges the relativism associated with variations in the values and priorities of both their peers and their students.

·       Is comfortable with the uncertainty of the outcomes of instructional decisions.

(College of Education Conceptual Framework, 2000)



Catalog Description

Supervised field work for the Designated Subjects Teaching Credential. Includes lesson planning and instructional delivery in an actual teaching environment with evaluation of teaching performance by the on-site supervisor. Prerequisites or requisites: ECTS 501 and consent of instructor. (4 units)


Course Overview and/or Rationale

ECTS 518 is an online course in which all scholars are expected to demonstrate their ability to prepare for effective instruction in their own teaching environment. This preparation will occur through completing specific assignments and actual teaching (in most cases) at the institutions where scholars are employed as teachers. Everyone who completes this course successfully is expected to be able to meet the relevant professional standards and course objectives.


Relevant Professional Standards

Professional Standards are addressed in detail in the Designated Subject Program Document. A copy of that document is posted at:

Professional Standards


Course Goals/Objectives 

Upon entry into the Designated Subjects Credential program students will declare their credential as either Designated Subjects Adult Education (DS AE) or Designated Subjects Career and Technical (CS CTE) and will develop andragogical or pedagogical strategies and methods for teaching relative to their specific student demographics. Candidates will explore the difference between how adults and adolescents interact, the most effective learning environments, and classroom management strategies for each age group.

On completion of this course given reading assignments, class discussions, examples and case studies scholars will:

Course Requirements

The following is a brief description of the course assignments that satisfy the assignments. Scholars should refer to the electronic textbook links in the calendar at the end of this syllabus for the specific assignment objectives, assignment discussion, and examples, before beginning any assignment. 

DS Scholar's Data Sheet
In this assignment scholars will provide the instructor with personal contact and work information via e-mail. All information will remain confidential and accessible to the instructor only. E-mail will be used as the primary means of communication between the instructor and the scholar. The data sheet may either be published on-line or submitted via e-mail as a PDF or MS Word attachment.

WR Written Reports
Written reports will be generated to document competency of the objectives cited above and e-mailed as an attachment. These competencies represent skills essential to year-one instructors. At the end of the quarter they will be complied into an electronic portfolio presented on a CD, flash drive, or Web site.  Scholars are encouraged to continue building upon the portfolio throughout the academic careers.

MP Media Presentations
All ECTS 518 scholars are expected to develop two different lesson plans and video themselves teaching those lessons.  If scholars do not have the technology to video tape their lessons Power Point presentations will be accepted with prior instructor approval.  Videos should published on YouTube, TeacherTuBe, Google, or sent to instructor as an attached file in a file format compatible with Windows media player or iTunes. Each presentation should be planned so that it does not exceed five minutes in length.

SR  Status Reports
Scholars will submit three status reports at designated times throughout the quarter. Status reports ensure scholars remain on task to complete 518 course work in a timely manner. They also provide the instructor with the opportunity to provide feedback to the scholars' regarding their progress and grade.

SP  Scholars' Portfolio
The final consists of an electronic portfolio of scholars' 518 work to be presented on a CD, flash drive or Web site. School site documents may be scanned or complied in a presentation binder and submitted with a CD.  Portfolios will not be returned.  Scholars are encouraged to keep a copy for their own record.  Each extra mile activity is worth 5 points.

Course Evaluation Plan

Links to all assignments are located in the Calendar at the end of the syllabus.  They are provided one week before the assignment is due.  However, scholars are encouraged to work ahead and submit assignments before the due date.  Each assignment is worth 5 points except the portfolio which is worth 10 points.  Providing they are submitted on or before the due date assignments earning less than a “B” will be returned with suggestions for improvement.  They may be resubmitted as often as necessary to earn the full points.

In order to earn the overall grade of "B," ECTS 518 Scholars must:

·       Complete ALL the ECTS 518 assignments in a satisfactory manner. Each assignment should follow the same format as the examples provided, but the content should reflect the individual scholar's teaching situation. Please note that in most cases the examples represent only the minimum standards required to earn the grade of "B." Any assignment that does not meet ALL of the criteria specified for that assignment will not be considered to be complete and will earn less than a "B." Scholars who follow the directions and emulate the examples posted for each assignment will earn full credit. Scholars may solicit feedback on any assignment they have any concerns about by e-mailing a copy of that assignment to the course instructor or (better yet) posting a copy of the assignment on their web site and then e-mailing the instructor with the URL where the assignment is posted and whatever specific questions they may have.

·       Portfolios should be completed on or before the end of the quarter in which the scholar is officially enrolled in the ECTS 518 course at CSUSB. Scholars who complete and submit their portfolios before they have officially enrolled in ECTS 518 should e-mail the course instructor at the beginning of the quarter in which they are officially enrolled to remind the instructor that they have completed the course.  The e-mail should include scholar's full name, their "MyCoyote" student ID number, the date portfolio was submitted, to whom it was submitted and the grade earned. 

In order to earn an “A” grade, scholars must meet all the above “B” grade criteria AND:

·       Provide an "Upgrade Indicator" for each WR assignment. This indicator should be a single paragraph of not more than two or three sentences (for each WR assignment) explaining how the scholar's assignment is better than the example of that assignment included in the E-TEXT and/or how the assignment will be of value to the scholar in his/her teaching assignment.  This should be e-mailed at the same time as the assignment.  Upgrade indicators should also be included in a section in your Portfolio called "Upgrade Indicators."

·       Complete two additional Extra Mile suggested activities of the scholar's choice.  If scholar has an idea for an extra mile activity not listed on the Extra Mile assignment link, s/he may submit it to the instructor for approval prior to completing the activity.

·       E-mail a "Written Request" for an "A" Grade to the ECTS 518 instructor. This request should be included as part of SR3 and should cite specific reasons why the scholar believes he/she has earned an "A" grade for the course. Follow this link to see an example of a Request for an "A" Grade.



Teaching English Language Learners in Career and Technical Education Programs  by Victor M. Hernanadez-Gantes and William Blank (will also be used for ECTS 1000, 501, 519, and 504). 

Other required readings for class discussions and projects are:

Mastery by George Leonard (READ THIS IMMEDIATELY) This book is a MUST READ for anyone involved with the process education. For additional information and/or to order the book click on the book title.

The 8th Habit by Steven Covey (READ THIS NEXT) This book continues on from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People with focus finding your "voice" and helping others find theirs. For additional information and/or to order the book click on the book title.

Extra Credit recommended reading (may be used as an extra mile activity):

Wad-Ja-Get - The Grading Game in American Education by Howard Kirschenbaum (OPTIONAL but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).  This is an excellent book that describes grading in a way that all teachers should be aware of.  For additional information and/or to order the book click on the book title.

Reference Links

OWL - On-line Writing Lab
the APA Guide

Course Policies


This is a distance learning course. There will be no on-campus meetings. The first day of classes begin for the quarter scholars should read the syllabus and the Welcome Letter for orientation to course materials and requirements. Required readings should be ordered the first week of the quarter with priority delivery requested. Scholars should e-mail the instructor immediately regarding problems, concerns, or questions. 

Academic Honesty

California State University, San Bernardino has a zero tolerance for plagiarism and academic dishonesty. A scholar who commits an act of dishonesty will receive a failing grade and be reported to university officials.  Scholars do not cheat, use another scholar’s work in place of their own, or knowingly assist another to do so. Also, unauthorized access to or changing grades on an assignment or examination is unacceptable.

Scholar Expectations

To be successful in this course, the scholar will:

 Commitment to Diversity

In our commitment to the furthering of knowledge and fulfilling our educational mission, California State University, San Bernardino seeks a campus climate that welcomes, celebrates, and promotes respect for the entire variety of human experience. In our commitment to diversity, we welcome people from all backgrounds and we seek to include knowledge and values from many cultures in the curriculum and extra-curricular life of the campus community. Dimensions of diversity shall include, but are not limited to, the following: race, ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation, sex/gender, disability, socioeconomic status, cultural orientation, national origin, and age. (From the CSU San Bernardino University Diversity Committee Statement of Commitment to Diversity, 1995).  

In keeping with the university’s Commitment to Diversity, the faculty of the College of Education fully support the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Faculty will provide reasonable accommodation to any student with a disability who is registered with the Office of Services to Students with Disabilities and who needs and requests accommodation.

Course Calendar: 

All assignments are due by Sunday at midnight on the stated due date below except the final, which is due by midnight of Week 11 on the due date below.  Assignments should be e-mailed to the instructor as an attachment unless otherwise indicated. 


Week #


Week 1
 Apr 2

Orientation:  Read the following with an attention to detail.

Syllabus Completely
How ECTS 518 Differs From ECTS 501
Information on Status Reports
Related Support Materials
Required Reading
Overview of Written Reports

Data Sheet and School Site Documents
SR1 First Status Report - e-mail to instructor

Week 2
Apr 9

Data Sheet and School Site Documents
SR1 First Status Report - e-mail to instructor

Assignment:  Review
WR1 - Resource Directory
WR2 - System for Evaluation of Teachers
WR3 - System for Evaluation of Students

Week 3
 Apr 16

WR1 - Resource Directory
WR2 - System for Evaluation of Teachers
WR3 - System for Evaluation of Students 

Assignment: Review
WR4 - System for Classroom Management
WR5 - Material for a Substitute Instructor
WR6 - Teacher Observations

Week 4

Apr 23


WR4 - System for Classroom Management
WR5 - Material for a Substitute Instructor
WR6 - Teacher Observations
SR2 Second Status Report

WR7 - Collected Lesson Plans
WR8 - Personal Mission Statement
WR9 - Narrative Essays

Week 5

Apr 30

WR7 - Collected Lesson Plans
WR8 - Personal Mission Statement
WR9 - Narrative Essays

WR10 - English Learner Program
MP Media Presentations 1 & 2
The Extra Mile (Bonus Activities)  

Week 6

May 7

WR10 - English Learner Program
MP Media Presentations 1 & 2
The Extra Mile (Bonus Activities)
SR3 Third Status Report

Organization of Portfolios
Course Evaluation

Week 7
 May 14

Course Evaluation
Publish Portfolios on-line or Mail Portfolios on CD 

Mail to:
Donna Shea
PO Box 292729
Phelan, CA 92329

Week 8
 May 21

Publish Portfolios on-line or Mail Portfolios on CD (Priority Mail Required)

Week 9
 May 28

E-mail instructor to verify Portfolios on CD were received

Week 10
 Jun 4

All remediation due (No assignments will be accepted after this date

Last day to hand deliver Portfolio on CD to instructor (E-mail Instructor to Make Arrangements)

Week 11
 Jun 11

Last day to e-mail Web site Portfolio URL to instructor