ECTS 502/503 - Assignments
Typical Quarter

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The ECTS 502/503 courses are intended to be taken together during the same quarter and done completely on-line.

Follow the links in the list below to specific information about each assignment. The assignments should be submitted via e-mail as attachments or published on-line in a blog or on a Web site and a link sent to the instructor.

The Instructor is always available to answer questions via e-mail, but 502/503 scholars are encouraged to find as much as they can on their own, which is what teachers are typically expected to be able to do. Scholars who are presently teaching are encouraged to make adapt various assignments in ways they feel will better serve their their particular teaching situations while still maintaining the overall spirit each assignment.

PLEASE NOTE: The 503 WA6 requires attendance at a School Board Meeting: review assignment information and, if you have not already attended a School Board Meeting, plan your schedule to do that ASAP.

AND ALSO NOTE: The 502 BR and 503 BR reading should be started ASAP.

Everyone who completes this course successfully is expected to be able to differentiate between andragogical and pedagogical applications relative to the target audience they teach.

The links below lead to information about each assignment. It is expected work be completed on or before the due date to avoid penalties.